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Sinomach’s subsidiaries launch new cars



Both Guoji Zhijun Automotive Co. (Zedriv) and the Ganzhou branch of Kama Automobile (Kama), two subsidiaries of Sinomach, launched new cars on Aug 6.

Zhang Xiaolun, chairman of Sinomach, attended the off-line ceremony of Zedriv and the mass production launch ceremony of Kama, which also launched new products of the Ruijie series.


Zhang Xiaolun (fourth from right), chairman of Sinomach, attends the off-line ceremony of the GX5 new energy vehicle in Ganzhou, Jiangxi province, on August 6. [Photo/]

The GX5 new energy vehicle is a lightweight, intelligent and interconnected vehicle produced by Zedriv, and a milestone in the company’s production capacity. According to resources, more core products will be released later this year.

During the trip, Zhang visited the base of Zedriv in Ganzhou and learned more about its modern production technology and its current state of development. He encouraged employees to spare no efforts to promote the new energy automobile industry and to create benefits for both the company and the local economy.


Zhang Xiaolun (second from right), chairman of Sinomach, attends Ruijie’s new products launch conference in Ganzhou on August 6. [Photo/]

Subsequently, Zhang went to the Ganzhou branch of Kama to attend the mass production launch ceremony and Ruijie’s new products launch conference.

The debut of the Kama Ruijie series further enriched the product spectrum of Kama and boosted its high-quality development.

Guoji Zhijun Automotive Co. was jointly founded by seven companies headed by Sinomach Automobile in March 2017. Its intelligent manufacturing base in Ganzhou covers an area of more than 86 hectares, with annual capacity of 300,000 cars.

Kama Automobile is a specialized commercial vehicle manufacturer of China Hi-tech Group. It was built in December 2016 and covers an area of about 60 hectares. Its main planned products are the Kaijie series and new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles newly developed for Ganzhou.

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