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Zhang Xiaolun investigates Sinomach’s anti-poverty work in Henan




Zhang Xiaolun (far left), chairman of Sinomach, visits a poverty-stricken village in Huaibin, Henan province, on Sept 2. [Photo/]

Zhang Xiaolun, chairman of Sinomach, and Song Xin, deputy Party secretary of the company, visited poverty-stricken villages in Huaibin county and Gushi county of Henan province from Sept 2 to 4 to inspect the progress of Sinomach’s anti-poverty work in the area.

During the trip Zhang visited a middle school and a Sumec garment factory in Huaibin county, and inspected a country road and an irrigation project funded by Sinomach in Gushi county.

In recent years, Sinomach has actively participated in nationwide poverty alleviation work. The company has invested a lot in improving public service facilities and upgrading agricultural production infrastructure to help increase farmers’ incomes and enhance their living standards.

Sinomach always puts education in first place in poverty alleviation. In 2018, it invested 880,000 yuan ($123,380) in restoring infrastructure, including roads, buildings and playgrounds at Huaibin Sankongqiao No 2 Middle School.

In addition, the company has set up three factories to create local jobs in Huaibin.

The Huaibin Sumec garment factory started trial operation on Dec 17, 2018. At present, it has nine production lines and two automatic quilting lines, with a total of 417 employees. Another two workshops for poverty alleviation are expected to be completed and put into operation this year.

Zhang emphasized that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and is a crucial year to achieve the first centenary goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. We must spare no effort to help win the battle against poverty by 2020, he said.

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